Efiko Releases iPhone RingtoneMaker

Efiko has released iPhone RingToneMaker, a Windows only application that lets you create your own ringtones from your MP3 collection.



Apple has yet to announce the ability to purchase and add custom ringtones via iTunes. Third party developer Efiko’s iPhone RingtoneMaker allows you to create a ringtone in 30 seconds. The software features:

Easy user interface
Automatically transfers your custom ringtones into your iPhone
MP3, WAV, OGG support
Fade in and fade out your ringtones
Create ringtones with accuracy up to a hundreth of a second
Use as your MP3 alarm clock
This software will not work with music purchased through the iTunes store. iPhone RingtoneMaker retails for $19.95 and the developer is currently offering a 50% discount. It is also available as a free trial.


Link: www.efksoft.com