iPhone: The Missing Manual Released

David Pogue’s iPhone: The Missing Manual has been released in PDF format with printed copies shipping in early August.”I didn’t eat, sleep, or see my family for six weeks”, said Pogue. “But the book is here, it’s gorgeous, and if I may say so, it rocks.”

Pogue is the author of the highly acclaimed Missing Manual series and this latest entry offers a witty, authoritative full color guide to the iPhone. Coverage includes:

The phone and organizer. Sophisticated features like conference calling, visual voicemail, and text messaging are a finger tap away. This book offers detailed instructions for syncing the iPhone with the address book and calendar on a Mac or PC. It even covers syncing topics even Apple never dreamed of, like syncing a single iPhone with multiple computers, or using the iPhone as a data bucket to merge the address books from several different PCs.
The iPod. With a finger swipe or a pinch on the 3.5-inch, multitouch screen, you can bring your music, photos, and videos to life. These pages cover both the iPhone’s entertainment features and how they interact with the digital files on your Mac or PC.
The Internet. The iPhone can get online in two ways: on Wi-Fi hot spots or on AT&T’s cellular network. Learn how to manage multiple accounts, subscribe to RSS feeds, and keep your iPhone secure. The book tackles such non-obvious problems as solving the “two-mailbox problem” and remedying the iPhone’s lack of a spam filter.
The hardware and software. The iPhone may be the world’s coolest computer, but it’s still a computer, with all its complexities.
While waiting for the print edition, you can watch David Pogue sing his ode to the iPhone. More information can be found at O’Reilly Media.

Link: www.oreilly.com