Sena Cases Releases New Line of iPhone Cases

Sena Cases launches a new line of luxury, protective leather cases for the new iPhone.

Among a slew of new iPhone accessories hitting the market, California-based handheld device accessory designer Sena Cases offers a unique approach with its handcrafted iPhone cases in five unique styles.

Known for manufacturing premium portable device cases from the most coveted leathers in the world, Sena’s cases are precisely hand-stitched by leather artisans in Europe. The exquisite craftsmanship is showcased in the company’s innovative iPhone case models: MagnetFlipper, LeatherSkin, Elega Pouch, UltraSlim Pouch and the Dockable – the only case on the market that allows the case to remain on while docking the iPhone. The assortment provides user a variety of selections to fit their preferences. However, all designs offer exceptional details to enhance the iPhone’s premium functionality.

Dockable: The Sena Dockable is a premium leather case custom designed to snugly hug every curve of the Apple iPhone. The magnetic closure allows the iPhone to be protected at all times, while the inventive design, makes Sena’s Dockable the only case on the market that allows the phone to be placed in its docking station without removing the device from the case. The Dockable is comprised of the finest European Napa leather and includes a soft velvet lining and ratchet belt clip with a removable tab. It is perfectly constructed to include openings for the earphone, speaker and camera.

MagnetFlipper: The ground-breaking MagnetFlipper design offers device port openings for all necessary functions. Utilizing gravity, the cover is engineered with a hinged bottom and magnetic fastening system at top, thus allowing the cover to be flipped out of the way with a flick of the thumb and enabling the user to quickly answer the iPhone. Like all Sena accessories, the MagnetFlipper is custom designed specifically for the iPhone, resulting in a slim and snug fit.

LeatherSkin: This form-fitting case is comprised of ultra-thin premium leather providing a soft layer of “skin” to gently protect the iPhone from scratches. The fine, slender design offers a tight fit enhancing the curves of the device.

Elega Pouch: The Elega Pouch is unlike any other pouch on the market. The Elega Pouch’s snug design provides expert protection especially useful when placed in a purse or briefcase. With a ratchet belt clip, extra padding, velvet lining and a sleek design, the Elega is exclusivly tailored to provide a stylish shelter for the iPhone. The ultimate security for Apple’s hottest new device.

UltraSlim Pouch: The UltraSlim Pouch is a novel approach for those who dislike the extra bulk some protective cases create. The UltraSlim is the leanest case ever designed for any mobile device. The slim curve hugging leather and micro suede lining is as close to naked as the iPhone can get. The UltraSlim Pouch is perfect for men carrying the iPhone in a pant or jacket pocket.

Sena Cases Owner Ramsey Oten is proud of the new cases. “We have seen a lot of accessory designers jumping on the bandwagon to get iPhone accessories out on the market immediately. This is not our approach. We have taken time to customize our cases specifically to fit the iPhone’s each and every curve and operational detail. Our cases are unlike any of these mass manufactured options. Our design engineers reviewed the iPhone’s every last detail and developed a case that both protects the device and enhances its functionality. Our leather technologists then painstakingly searched the globe for the finest leather. The soft, formable leather was then handcrafted into the most exquisite luxury case worthy of the most expensive smart phone on the market,” Oten said.

The cases should be available in the next few weeks and retail from between $29.95 and $52.00.