iPhone Mail Rules


Otto Phone Home…
You’re a Mac-person on the move. Out and about, doing the Meet-and-Greet, making the rounds, closing the deals, getting things done, and the whole time relying on your iPhone to keep you in touch with the world.

And you’re thinking “life is good” when you suddenly realize that you forgot to bring a copy of the new report you were supposed to read — and you’ve only got an hour before the meeting! What to do?

Relax, you already installed the iPhone Mail Rules so it’ll be easy to use your iPhone to locate the PDF or Word document on your office or home computer and mail it to your iPhone. That’s right, use your iPhone to retrieve files from computers anywhere!

How It Works
When you run the iPhone Mail Rules installer, a series of mail rules are created in Mail, each designed to perform a specific task, such as sending you a file from your computer as a mail attachment, or adding a photo taken with your iPhone to your iWeb blog or iPhoto library.

The mail rules are triggered by email messages you send from your iPhone to the computer you installed the rules on. Each rule has a specific conditions that must be met in order for the rule action to execute:

The email message must be from the email address you specify.
The subject of email message must begin with one of the installed commands.
The subject of email message must end with a 4-character security code you specify.

Link : http://automator.us/iphone/